Sunday, 27 January 2013

Passione Gelateria

I’ve wanting to come here for a while now, but just haven’t really found the right group of people to come with and when to come actually. Luckily though, my friend had a birthday gathering and I recommended this place!

And alas, I have ticked off another to-go places in Brisbane!

We ordered two savoury tapas and two desserts to share.

Corn and zucchini fritters with haloumi.

The fritters were average but the haloumi and tomato salsa were quite appetising so it made the fritters taste not amazing, but better than average!

Beef bolognaise with potato gnocchi.

I haven’t had good gnocchi in a while and the last time I had it, I didn’t have a good experience. Therefore, I’ve been a bit reluctant to try gnocchi at new places unless I know it’s good. However, Passione didn’t disappoint me with their gnocchi!

Dessert wise, we got tiramisu and strawberry and chocolate waffles.

The tiramisu came with a scoop of coffee ice cream, vanilla ice cream, biscotti, wafer and fresh cream.
The tiramisu was nice, but for me, I’d just get the coffee ice cream by itself next time.

The strawberry and chocolate waffles were nice, but not necessarily the best ones I’ve had. Usually I worry about waffles being too soggy but this one was actually a tad too crispy for my liking!

Overall, Passione is a nice place to go to if you feel like some special desserts!

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