Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Black Coffee Lyrics @ Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

On one of my afternoon study sessions with a couple of friends, one of them brought us to a café hidden in an area of mainly Asian restaurants. In a way, this café doesn’t really belong in that area because of it’s atmosphere - hip and vintage.

Each corner of the café had its own theme and there were interesting : artworks hung up on walls, piles of books stacked next to comfy armchairs, drinking bar with tall wooden chairs and vintage couches for those who feel like a nice cuppa tea. Each theme created a little bubble of distinct atmosphere and these are united by the hip music played.

We were mainly visiting the café because it had a good atmosphere and apparently their iced coffee was something not to be missed out on! The café didn’t have a menu, which made ordering a little complicated. However, we were already too full to eat more so were content with drinks.

The iced coffee was indeed quite nice, not too sweet and very aromatic.

I would want to come back to try their meals here one day, but for the mean time, I’ll be spreading words about the secret location of this café because the atmosphere is quite amazing!

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