Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Cooking at Home - Taiwanese Beef Wraps

A few months ago, I made Taiwanese beef wraps (牛肉卷餅)with my sister for lunch.

Taiwanese beef rolls are basically slices of beef shank, thinly sliced shallots, cucumber sticks and black bean sauce wrapped in a thin pan-friend pancake base.

Everybody has their own variation to it and ours was that we fried an egg with the thin pancake base and we also added dried bean curd! (豆干)

Every ingredient plays an important role in making a yummy beef wrap! 

The beef needs to be braised and sliced well, the shallots need to be sliced very thinly to add flavour, the cucumber sticks should not be watery, the black bean sauce should be just right so its not too overpowering and not so little that you can't taste it, and the egg and the pancake base should be lightly pan-fried. With all these ingredients wrapped together, the warm beef wrap should be soft on the inside but slightly crispy on the outside.


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