Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Poppy’s Basket Bakery Deli @ Southbank

Poppy’s Basket Bakery Deli is located along the main strips of shops in Southbank, opposite Southbank Cinemas. Its menu range is quite small and a lot of menu choices are daily specials like sandwiches, filos, salads, bread rolls, etc.

I came here with my friend on a Saturday morning and the Poppy’s was filled with cyclers drinking their cups of coffee. The atmosphere at Poppy’s is very laid back and relaxed.

I ordered their chickpea veggie pattie with salad and rye toast, topped off with their homemade sour cream sauce.

The chickpea pattie was nicely made and went well with the sauce. It would’ve been better if the rye toast wasn’t cold. The salad and the rye toast was just average.

My friend ordered a bacon, cheese and egg ciabatta.

Overall, Poppy’s is suitable for a quick and cheap brunch or afternoon tea. However, for those who want more than just a simple, quick and average brekkie, I would suggest you to go somewhere else.

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