Thursday, 3 May 2012

Pablo @ New Farm

Yesterday, I caught up with a friend for lunch and we decided on a small café that’s tucked away on Brunswick St, in New Farm.

Half of the café’s seating area is located outdoors - some on verandas and some just outside the shop front, with huge outdoor umbrellas and cushioned mats on wooden seats. Even though the café is small, the cozy atmosphere is perfect for brekkie in winter, if you want to absorb a bit of sunshine as well! I really liked the design of this café, though it was simple.

At Pablo, they serve breakfast until 2:30pm, which is another bonus! Breakfast options at cafes are my favourite and I think all cafes should have all-day breakfast! The breakfast options lured me in before I could even decode what half the lunch menu ingredients were.

We ended up ordering:

Seasoned avocado on sourdough toast, grilled scamorza, tomato and basil salsa, pink lake salt, fresh lemon, maleny avocado oil


Even though the ingredients all sound quite simple, the fresh and high quality  ingredients really made it stand out.

Tasmanian smoked salmon, herbed crème-fraiche, dill scrambled eggs, smoked tomato compote, seeded peasant toast.


The herbed crème-fraiche complemented the smoke salmon well and this couldn’t be any better with fluffy scrambled eggs.

For drinks, I tried T2’s gunpowder green. It wasn’t as strong as sencha but still very refreshing.

My friend got their chai masala and I managed to get a sip of it – yum! It was a nice blend of honey, milk, cinnamon, and chai tea. However, I don’t think I could’ve had all of it because it was a little too sweet.

We struggled, but managed to clean off everything on our plates because it was truly, very delicious! They were very genuine with the amount of food and still maintained the high quality of ingredients used!

 ‘Twas a lovely catch up with my friend in such a cozy café in New Farm with delicious food as well!

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