Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Little Larder @ New Farm

The Little Larder is a small but upbeat café that is hidden in the surburban streets of New Farm.  We got here at about 8am on a Saturday morning with half of the seats taken and by the time we were done, people were already starting to line up for seats. Little Larder serves all day breakfast and their menu consists of generic breakfast dishes. Lots of people also came in for takeaway coffee.


For me, their coffee was not hot enough when they served it this morning. It was also a little too bitter.

We ended up ordering:
Larder-made Baked Beans served on toast
I thought the baked beans didn’t really give off the Larder “signature” that supposed to lure you in to have some more.

Pesto Scrambled Eggs with smoked salmon and spinach
I could taste a little bit of the pesto, but I think the smoked salmon overpowered it. I would’ve liked the dish if it brought out more of the pesto taste. However, the texture of the eggs was fluffy.

French Toast with grilled banana and maple syrup
I’m not a big fan of French toast but perhaps, pancakes with banana and maple syrup would have been nice.

The atmosphere was vibrant however, I found the food and coffee to be quite average.

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