Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lock ‘n’ Load @ West End

Lock ‘n’ Load is the place to place for a drink on a Friday night to chill with friends. Located on Boundary St in West End, Lock ‘n’ Load bistro often has gigs on Saturday nights and the atmosphere sure does get loud!

It is a two level bistro and on the second floor, you look out onto the rest of the strip of shops on Boundary St and it is quite spectacular. On the first level, there is quite a big courtyard area with a different atmosphere compared to the second level. The outdoor area is surrounded by plants and nicely designed wooden seats and tables.

Apart from drinks at night, they also do brekkie, lunch and dinner. My friend and I came here for brunch last year and we went for the vego options that morning:

Vege Loaded – Herbed button mushrooms, parmesan cheese rosti, grilled tomato, spinach, avocado salsa, mixed bean salsa, poached eggs and sourdough

Vegetarian Grazing Board – selection of vegetarian antipasti including olives, mushrooms, artichokes, marinated eggplant, semi-dried tomatos, basil pesto with dipping bread

I must that the presentation of food was amazing! Also, the atmosphere was perfect for a Saturday morning brunch!

The food however, was a bit of a let down – it was just average.
I also saw some of the drinks on their menu though and some of them sounded quite appetising! Will give it another shot perhaps on a night occasion next time!

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