Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sourced Grocer @ Teneriffe

I had heard many things about Sourced Grocer and wanted to check it out myself!

I've been here on two separate occasions now and have both loved it!

Sourced Grocer reminds me of cafes in Melbourne with its interior design!

The great thing about Sourced Grocer is that they sell the ingredients that they use to make the food as well! So, if you fancy something from the menu, just enquire at the cash register and they'll be able to help you out!

I ordered their Bircher Muesli which is currently No. 2 on my favourite cafes for Bircher Muesli (1st place is still Lake Cafe on the Gold Coast)

Their breakfast muesli options are all very yummy as well because they use Farmer Jo Muesli.

My friend ordered the brioche, which unfortunately, I didn't get to try - but, she said it was very nice!

On a separate occasion, I tried their falafel salad and Sourced Sandwich, which were even better than what I had the first time!

Coffee here is very good - I love their cappucinnos because it's only a hint of chocolate that balances out perfectly with the coffee! Plus, mint green coffee cups always make my day!

The reason why Sourced Grocer is good is because they use top quality produce to make the food and really focus on making good quality meals, even if they are simple to make.

Sourced Grocer is definitely on my list of cafes with both good coffee AND food!!

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  1. Coffee shops are focusing more on the interiors of their shop this has been a creative change in coffee shops after so many years of discussion.

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