Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Shimbashi Soba So Good @ Chevron Island, Gold Coast

I first found out about Shimbashi Soba when I visited Duo Deli Café just a few shops away on Chevron Island. Shimbashi Soba hand makes their own soba noodles, which are Japanese buckwheat noodles. The restaurant is small but tidy. We went there for lunch and ordered:

Oroshi Soba

Cold soba noodles with grated radish and seaweed. This dish was my favourite. Their soba noodles are very aromatic compared to commercial packets. You can really taste the buckwheat and it went extremely well with the grated radish and seaweed. Price wise, this was worth the most as well.

Lunch box with small udon

The lunch box included: salmon sashimi, sushi, salad and rice, with a side of cold udon noodles.

With their lunch boxes, you can choose between salmon sashimi, chicken teriyaki, tempura or beef teriyaki as your main. With the side meal, you can choose from cold or hot udon or soba. I think the lunch box was too overpriced for what you get. The quantity was adequate – a lot of carbs including sushi, a bowl of rice and a decent bowl to noodles to fill you up. However, taste wise, it wasn’t anything special.

If you’re planning to visit Shimbashi Soba I would recommend you to stick to the Soba dishes to try hand made soba because it does have a special taste to it. Perhaps, you could try a Soba dish with some tempura?

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