Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Wassam @ Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Hidden in the heart of Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast is Wassam, a small but authentic Japanese restaurant that is open for both lunch and dinner.
Wassam serves many authentic Japanese dishes including very fresh sashimi and a couple of dishes with a slight fusion taste.

So what’s so special about Wassam?

I guess I’ll start off with my favourite dish – Chef’s Selection of Appetisers

This dish showcases a little bit about each type of food at Wassam:
1.     Tamagoyaki (Japanese omlette)
2.     Very fresh salmon sashimi, from the belly of the salmon – delicious!
3.     Deep-fried tako (octopus) – the octopus was cooked just right, leaving a chewy texture with a crispy outer layer of batter
4.     Beef tataki – Seared marinated beef in a refreshing citrus sauce and topped off with slices of fried garlic. A very special tataki, indeed!
5.     Roast pork with Wassam’s house blend of herbed mayonnaise – the creaminess of the mayo brings out the aroma of the roast pork even more. Also, the mayo balances well with the lighter sauce of beef tataki

If you like takoyaki, or grilled octopus dumplings, you might want to try Wassam’s special fusion. 
Served on a cute plate, the takoyaki comes in 6 pieces and on top of the usual mayonnaise and takoyaki sauce, it is drizzled with melted cheese!

Their fried soba noodles were a little different from what I imagined – it came with almost soup-like sauce with various veggies and tofu slices. The sauce wasn’t too heavy and it reminded me of tsuyu sauce.

Their tempura prawns were of good quality – decent-sized fresh prawns.


Homemade Japanese Cheesecake
I’m a big fan of cheesecake and I loved the fluffy texture!

Green Tea Ice Cream Parfait
It’s rare to find green tea ice cream parfaits in Brisbane but they made it well – chewy mocha, aromatic azuki red bean paste, vanilla and green tea icream with strawberries and cream on top!

Lemon Sorbet
The sorbet was quite refreshing when eaten with the ice cream parfait and cheesecake. However, it was a tad too sweet for me.

Overall, Wassam serves quality food with each dish having their own “signature” of some sort. Portion sizes were adequate but if you’re looking to have a big meal, Wassam wouldn’t suit, unless you’re ready to pay a lot for a meal.

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