Saturday, 26 May 2012

Campos Coffee 2 @ Fortitude Valley

Campos Coffee May Menu 2012

Each month Campos Coffee changes their menu this was the first time we visited Campos to try their monthly menu specials!

Because we had quite a large group, they offered us a private dining room! This room was called The Roasting Room and as the name suggests, it was decorated with a bags of coffee beans, a roasting machine and posters of different aromas of coffee. The private room also had a service bell to make sure you weren’t left out in an isolated environment.

Coffee at Campos was fantastic as usual!

Today, we ordered exclusively from their May 2012 Menu:

Croissant French Toast with caramel apples, vanilla mascarpone, sweet nut dukkah

This was probably the best French toast-related dish I’ve ever had! Usually, other French toasts I’ve had are either too oily or too soggy bcause of the sauce. However, today, it was perfecto! The caramel apples weren’t too sweet and you could taste the freshness of the apples.

Smoke Salmon Fish Cakes with house made tartar sauce, house salad

This dish was presented the best out of everything simply because it was served on a wooden chopping board. They were very generous with the amount of salmon in the fish cakes but I thought it didn’t taste as nice as it looked; Probably because I don’t think it was the best way to cook the salmon.

Three Grain Risotto with wild mushroom, asparagus, green beans, and Persian feta.

This was one of my favourite! Not only did they use the three types of grains for the risotto rice, they also used three different types of mushrooms! Being a mushroom lover, this was a bonus! The risotto was cooked just right – right amount of creaminess and right amount of flavor! Definitely should be a permanent item on their menu!

Fettucine Pasta with mixed mushrooms, roasted French shallots, herbs, croutons, chilli lemon ricotta

A-m-a-z-i-n-g! The fettucine pasta was full of flavor! With so many types of seasonings and herbs, the taste blended really well with each other! Not sure if i could eat a whole plate of that for breakfast though…

Pumpkin Pancakes with candied pecans, vanilla ricotta and maple syrup

This was the other one of my favourite! The pumpkin pancakes had the perfect balance between the fluffiness of pancakes and the smooth and aromatic taste of pumpkin! The pumpkin taste was subtle and did not overpower the pecans, maple syrup not the ricotta. In fact, those all had to be eaten in one bite to get the best combination of taste! This needs to be a permanent item on the menu as well!

Overall, the May Menu did not disappoint me at all. Campos is well known for their expertise in coffee and their food is just as scrumptious too! 

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