Saturday, 8 September 2012

Melbourne 6 - The Sharing House

First of all, apologies for the low quality photos from The Sharing House.
The standard of food here doesn’t deserve this kind of quality but because I went to dinner for my friend’s birthday, lighting was impossible to take good photos of the food.

The Sharing House was recommended by another friend of mine from Melbourne.

I love the concept of this restaurant - sharing. The menu is arranged so that it suits individuals, couples, small groups and large groups. You can order things to nibble on, to share or even order substantial amounts to fill you up.

We certainly did overindulge that night.

Here’s what we ordered:

"Fish Fingers" - these weren't just any fish fingers. They were Spanish Mackerel pieces wrapped in sourdough and served with marie rose sauce. 

"Raw Meat" - Steak tartare served with chips. The chips were very interesting - you had to cut the potato by hand and then eat it with the tartare.

"Porcini" - Small 6 inch pizza with poricini, wild mushrooms, goats cheese and fresh lemon thyme.

"Surf and Turf" - potato gnocchi with spanner crab - AMAZING! The sauce went perfectly well with the crab and gnocchi! I strongly recommend this dish!

Duck breast and confit duck leg - THIS IS A MUST AS WELL!

Cheese platter - selection of cheeses from all over the world; full of surprises!

"Afternoon tea" platter of desserts. For me the desserts were only mediocre, maybe because the mains were so good?

Overall, dining at The Sharing House was a good experience as you could share most dishes and the mains were fantabulous!

The interior design of the restaurant is also very modern and quite cute! Unfortunately, I don't have a photo because it was too dark to take one. 

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