Saturday, 29 September 2012

Melbourne 8 - Chin Chin

On our first visit to Chin Chin, the waiting time was 2 hours!!!
We decided to come back the next day for a super early dinner before our flight back to Brisbane. We arrived at 4:00pm and the restaurant was already half full!

This funky restaurant has a super vibrant atmosphere and it’s definitely worth a visit if you want to try Thai food with a modern twist!

I’ve realised that lots of Melbourne restaurants have adopted the “sharing” way of eating – ordering as many dishes as you want and sharing them with your table. That way, everyone gets a bit of everything and there’s more variety! It’s fantastic that Chin Chin has also adopted this modern way of dining out with friends and it makes the whole dining experience a lot more fun as well!

We got kingfish sashimi, pad thai, BBQ pork with mint and coriander salad and some cocktails and beer to finish off our night in Melbourne!


Dessert was burnt caramel sundae! Bits of the sundae was good but the burnt caramel was over-burnt for my liking.

If you’re dining at Chin Chin’s I’d suggest having dessert somewhere else. Otherwise, the food is quite interesting and appetising!

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