Friday, 27 April 2012

Campos Coffee @ Fortitude Valley

Campos Coffee, located just next to James St Market, is the flagship store of Campos Coffee Queensland that opened in 2007. You may have heard of Campos Coffee beans and may have even tried it in other cafes but it is at the flagship store where you can enjoy both exceptional coffee and high standards of food.

When you walk into the café, you automatically get sucked into its vibrant atmosphere with friendly staff, comfy seats, light green wallpaper and a team of hardworking baristas. 

They have an extensive range of menu options from simple to creative dishes that are updated regularly on a monthly basis. Additionally, they have a selection cabinet of cakes and sweets that lures you in and shouts out “there’s always room for dessert!”.

Coffee wise, I ordered a regular latte and it was absolutely divine! The latte art was quite impressive as well – each cup of coffee was finished off with their signature logo. Everything was just right – the aroma, sweetness, bitterness and creaminess of the coffee! YUM! The after taste of the coffee just lingers on in your mouth that little longer, tantalizing your taste buds, leaving you craving for more!


It sure was one of the best coffees I’ve had in Brisbane!

Banoffee Tart
Being a bit of a sweet tooth, I couldn’t resist visiting the cake selection cabinet. There was a wide range of sweets including carrot cake, lemon meringues, muffins, cookies, and tarts, but what caught my attention was something I’d never seen before: banoffee tart!

It was a mixture of bananas and toffee with a crunchy cookie base, topped off with fresh cream! Even though it was just a slice of dessert, it was still presently nicely, with raspberry sauce and a dollop of mascarpone. It’s definitely become one of my favourite desserts!

Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie

After trying my newfound love for the day, the brownie couldn’t compare with the banoffee tart at all. Yes, it was nice but I found that it would’ve been better if it had more of a nutty texture and taste.

Campos Vego Fry Up
WOW! The serving portion for this was massive! I think two people sharing this would be plenty already, let alone eating all this by yourself!

I’ve always been a vego-food lover so instead of the normal Campos Fry Up, which comes with bacon, lamb & mint sausages, the vegetarian version substituted those with spinach, mushrooms and avocado. Of course, the usual brekkie options were not to be missed – sourdough, eggs, grilled tomato, haloumi and also another Campos addition – potato and herb hash.

Herbed Polenta with Grilled Mushrooms

This was one of the Campos monthly specials – the grilled mushrooms were very juicy and it was served on a bed of herbed polenta and tomato relish. Some basil pesto and leaves accompanied them. Shout out to the chefs for creating such a well-balanced and appetising dish!

We all left Campos extremely satisfied with the coffee and food! Lunch that day was not mentioned at all because of how generous they were with the food! Will definitely be back soon! 

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