Friday, 27 April 2012

Duo Deli Café @ Chevron Island

I’ve been to Duo Deli Café twice – once on a Café Crawl (where we were too full to order, but promised to come back) and on another occasion for breakfast with friends.


On the Café Crawl, we all shared Duo Deli’s Cheese Plate, where we could choose from a selection of cheese from the deli – Brie and Cheddar were our choices that day. The Brie was from France and it was absolutely divine – rich with a creamy aftertaste! The cheddar strong and sharp, and it really did leave an impression!


The cheeses were accompanied a wide range of crackers, toasted fruit bread, fresh and glace fruit and chutney. My favourite combination was the Brie with quince and walnut paste on the Lavash crackers.

On my second visit, we got to taste the chef’s breakfast creations and these were:

Manuka-smoked Wild-caught Salmon, Poached Eggs, Sumac Roma, Grilled Asparagus, Herbed Rosti

Roasted Field Mushroom, Avocado, Sumac Roma, Poached Egg, Lemon, Turkish Bread

“Israeli” Eggs, Chilli, Parsley, Mint, Garlic, Coriander, Tomato, Evoo, Lemon, Turkish Bread

I actually saw the table next to us order the Israeli Eggs when I was on the Café Crawl and ever since then, have wanted to come back to try it. However, maybe my expectations were a little too high for this dish because it wasn’t exceptionally yummy. According to my friend, a Melbournian, apparently they have quite a few cafes that make really nice Israeli eggs or baked ones, and this one at Duo Deli Café was average. However, the presentation of it was good enough that it’d win patrons' choices for this dish over the others.

Their coffee isn't too bad either! It's always good to have a cuppa coffee to start you day off smoothly! 

My friend ordered their Orange and Strawberry Fruit Ice Crush which was very refreshing!

I wouldn’t say that their breakfast options were outstanding, but there is potential for the café! The staff members were very attentive and friendly, the atmosphere is really relaxed, and the presentation of the food was creative as well. The ingredients they used were very fresh and the menu selection’s well balanced! I must say though, that the cheese platter still stood out the most from the others! 

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