Friday, 27 April 2012

Oishii Sushi Bar @ Sunnybank Hills

Oishii Sushi Bar is located in Sunnybank Hills where it sells a wide range of Japanese food from tempura, sushi, sashimi, curry to salads. However, their sushi is by far my favourite and I think it’s also worth the most when you go with a group of friends. I’d classify their sushi as Fusion because you don’t really find those types of sushi in Japan – they’ve mixed it all up with different kinds of ingredients to make it their own signature dishes with creative names like “Sunflower” rolls, “Spider” rolls and “Dragon” rolls.

Within the sushi category there are so many choices and here are some of my favourites:

Red Dragon – Avocado and raw salmon sushi roll garnished with mayo and black sesame seeds. This one’s a must for salmon lovers!

White Dragon – Lobster salad and cucumber sushi roll topped with raw scallops and fish roe – very delicious combination!

Black Dragon – Grilled eel, tamagoyaki (Japanese-style friend eggs) and cucumber sushi roll garnished with white sesame seeds.

Spider Roll – Battered soft-shell crab with cucumber and creamy salad rolled with an outer layer of fish roe.

Himawari “Sunflower” Roll – Deep-fried chicken with avocado paste rolled with an outer layer of thinly fried egg omelette and garnished with mayo and Japanese seasoning.

I met up with my friends yesterday for lunch and the four of us were very satisfied with the sushi. We were all very full and definitely would have tried a lot more dishes if only our stomachs would let us.

I will definitely come back to try their other Japanese-fusion style sushi rolls!

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