Thursday, 26 April 2012

Freestyle Tout @ The Emporium, Fortitude Valley

I’ve been to Freestyle on a number of different occasions, but only for dessert. My first experience at Freestyle was also on a café crawl with my friends. Freestyle Tout used to be located in both Fortitude Valley and in West End, but recently, the one in West End closed down.

Freestyle offers a wide range of desserts from Spanish churros to Turkish fairy floss, to ice cream and much much more.

Things I have tried from Freestyle include:

Sticky Date Pudding

This one’s a must for caramel sauce lovers!
However, because there was so much sauce, I got sick of it quite easily.

Passionfruit Curd Tart

The tart came with white-chocolate mousse-filled cannoli and blood-orange ice cream. An interesting and complementary selection of sides to accompany the curd tart, although I did find them to be more delicious than the curd tart itself!

Berry Deluxe Sundae
It came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and raspberry and strawberry sorbets, drizzled with berries, chocolate, and fresh cream. It was the right balance between creamy and refreshing tastes.

Sorbet Supremo
Mango, raspberry and strawberry sorbets balanced well with our other “heavier” desserts.

Overall, I think Freestyle would be an interesting place to try for those who haven’t been however, for the quality and amount of food you get with each dish, I think it is too overpriced. The average price for dessert there is $15.90! I would rather spend that on a big breakfast at another café! Also, the desserts were all overpoweringly sweet.

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