Sunday, 10 June 2012

Blackboard Specialty Coffee @ Varsity Lakes

I’m a regular at Blackboard Specialty Coffee. I think that says it all.

For all you coffee lovers out there – Blackboard is the place to be!

They also have simple, but amazing food!

What I’d recommend: their muffins!
They bake their muffins on a daily basis and always have about 4 different kinds – fruit and nut muffin, blueberry, ricotta and cinnamon, choc-chip, raspberry, etc.

My favourite is the fruit and nut muffin!

Feel like something a bit more? Try their banana cake! Don’t judge a book by its cover – it is actually very filling!

Toasted banana bread and a cup of latte on a rainy day… mmm.... !

Also some people prefer fancy breakfasts, I really do like the generic breakfast options – two poached eggs on sourdough with avo mushrooms and all that jazz!

And I think Blackboard does a good job! They emphasise on using organic and fresh local produce, and you can really taste the freshness of their food!

Oh and one thing you must try: their iced coffee!

They put maple syrup in their ice coffee – but it’s not those types of iced coffees where they add lots and fresh cream and sugar to add to the taste of the coffee. Theirs is real – real coffee.

For lunch, they do a variety of different kinds of sandwiches, salads, etc.

They used to have really nice salmon bagels, but the menu has recently changed.

They do yummy chicken burritos as well – not too oily, not too saucy (but still flavorsome at the same time) and that’s how you can taste the freshness of it too!

Overall, Blackboard has a really chilled atmosphere to hang out at, friendly staff, nice food and amazing coffee and it is really a hidden gem in Varsity Lakes!

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